My why? My Family.

I have lost over 100kg on my journey to get my life back. If you are ready? I will show you how and coach you all the way.

Dave Letele’s life has been a rollercoaster.  A real rags, to riches, then back to rags again story.  Through some bad decisions in business and in his personal life, Dave lost everything – his businesses, his family, and his health.

In February 2014, Dave weighed in at 210kg.  He was depressed and hated life and the body he was trapped in.  In less then a year, he managed to lose 75kg and have maintained his weight ever since.

“I did this the old fashioned way, with training techniques and nutritional advice that I picked up over the years through playing sport.”

The Brain, Body, Movement Program is based on Dave’s philosophies of getting your brain right, understand what you are putting into your body and movement, just get moving.

“I started just wanting to motivate people on their weight-loss journey, I want to share what I did, and how I did it to change lives”

Dave has worked with expert nutritionalists and quality chefs to develop over 150 healthy and seasonal recipes, developed mind and motivation exercises to get your brain in shape and his own series of workouts for all fitness levels.

“The BBM Program is more than just 90 days, what I will teach you will last you a lifetime. Nothing good comes easy.  How bad do you want it?  How bad do you want to live?”

No excuses.

Real people, real results.

  • Making excuses burns zero calories an hour, so it’s time to stop making excuses and make that 1st step to a better life!!

    Joe Lost 20kgs
  • The BBM Program has changed my life. It is more than a weight loss program, this program has shown me how to live to my fullest!

    Luke Lost 84kg