The Brain Body Movement Program



Form and create new habits that last a lifetime. We help you become more aware of what builds you up, and what tears you down. Unlock your true motivations and discover your why.



Learn the importance of healthy foods and how to cook them. We help you understand what food is your best fuel. We have carefully created hundreds of tasty, easy and affordable recipes.



From basic movement to blood pumping workouts. Our workouts are more than just breaking a sweat, it’s about unleashing your true self and fighting the inner voices.

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What’s the BBM Program?

The BBM Program gives you skills to shift your mindset, discover new healthy foods and how to cook them, and the freedom to decide what moves you physically to unleash yourself.

Our program shows you how to introduce new healthy habits into your life.

From day 1 until day 90 we guide you through every step of the way.

Simply by following  the 90 day program, you will lose weight and learn how to keep it off using proven techniques for our founder Dave Letele’s motivational weight loss journey.


Life changing

weight loss program

Learn the skills to

get your
life back

Change your life in


What’s included in the BBM Program

The BBM Program gives you the motivation and guidance to make a true lifestyle change.


  • Your own personalised online portal
  • 12 weeks of step-by-step guides
  • Weekly motivations explainer videos
  • Weekly progress tool to stay on track
  • Access to printable help sheets
  • BBM Treat Card System
  • Weekly communication from Dave

And so much more…



  • Over 100+ step-by-step recipes
  • Nutritionist Approved
  • BBM Healthy Dot System
  • Recipes for all levels
  • Weekly tips and tricks
  • Learn the importance of body listening
  • Vegetarian friendly

And so much more…


  • Over 50+ step-by-step workouts
  • Over 200+ exercise videos
  • Workouts for all fitness levels
  • Dave’s progressive training methods
  • Hours of motivational training tips
  • Train anywhere, anytime

And so much more…


Get your life back now. Start today.

Real people, real results.

Our mission is to change lives. The BBM Program is truly life-changing, we help people regain control of their lives.
Meet a few of our members and their inspiring stories.